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Springfield Then. Springfield Now.

Welcome to the Springfield Wagon Company, originally established in Springfield, Missouri in 1873. In 1873 they advertised as the strongest and lightest wagons on the market and challenged all competitors to their claim.  In 1941 the Phipps Lumber Company bought The Springfield Wagon Company and moved it to Fayetteville Arkansas where it continued in business until 1951, when a lack of demand brought an end to production.  

The Springfield Wagon was newly reorganized in 2001. 

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Old Springfield Wagon Ad

"Have reduced the price of complete Wagons $5 on last years prices and have added many improvements not found on any other wagon. They are determined that no citzen shall have an excuse for sending the money out of the country when they can buy a better wagon for less money at home. Every wagon warranted for one year"         Springfield Wagon Company

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Springfield Factory

Factory as it appeared in 1915. The factory burned down 1883 and was rebuilt in 1885. 


Springfield Today

Since 2001, we have had the honor to own the name of Springfield Wagon Company.  Located in Clinton, Arkansas on our families ranch. We buy and sell all types of Wagons: livestock wagons, buggies, horsedrawn equipment. We strive to restore all wagons to their authentic condition. Our passion for wagons has been passed down for generations, and we are proud to continue this legacy. At Springfield Wagon Company, we are dedicated  to preserving the history and quality craftsmanship in and through these wagons. 

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